Hear our studio audio recording of all seven harmonious equations with explanations and Keith Devlin's graphics! Visit Keith Devlin's homepage and click on "Harmonious equations" at the bottom:

Zambra's harmonious equations were featured on Sept. 19 2013 On Being radio show/podcast with Krista Tippett when Keith Devlin guested.

In May 2006 public radio host Robert Pollie invited Zambra to create a musical interpretation of Euler's famous equation:

Pollie incorporated the results into an interview segment with National Public Radio's "math guy" and best-selling author, Stanford professor Keith Devlin, about beauty in mathematics. (Originally airing on May 1, 2006, Talk of the Bay, KUSP Radio, Santa Cruz, CA).

The "Euler's Equation" song was subsequently featured on NPR's Weekend Edition (April 16, 2007) when Keith Devlin spoke about the 300th anniversary of Euler's birth. A Math Great Gets His Due was the most emailed program segment on NPR nationwide all throughout the day.

Keith also spotlighted the song and Zambra in his online column for the Mathematical Association of America! See: Finding Musical Beauty in Euler's Identity

Since then, Devlin and Zambra have teamed up with acclaimed choreographer Karl Schaffer and his "Move Speak Spin" dance company to develop a full math performance based on seven "Harmonious Equations" that features Devlin's narration, Schaffer's playful, engaging choreography, and Zambra's live original vocal music. "Harmonious Equations" was featured at the California Mathematics Council annual conference at Asilomar in December 2008, and also in the production "Imaginary Numbers" at the 418 Project in Santa Cruz in May 2009. Robert Pollie also produced another show on the project: see (click on "Mathematics in Music and in Motion," Sunday, April 26").

Zambra's recording of our "pi" song also played on NPR on pi day, March 14, 2015 at the end of the segment, The Math Guy presents 5 facts about 3.14

We hope that "Harmonious Equations" may provide inspiration and creative curriculum ideas for math teachers nationwide.

The "Euler's Equation" song © Zambra, 2006